Our Differents


Previously in Halong Bay, most ships used for the one-day program were old wooden ships with limited use. Today, most of the ships have been refurbished and converted according to the old design. Alova Premium is completely different, it is a breakthrough in design to ensure safety and aesthetics. The hulls are like modern European yachts. The interior of the ship is designed meticulously, details bring cozy and close to the customer.

Moreover, with the dedicated service of the crew with the view “We care about your trip”. We look forward to bringing you an exciting and rewarding experience.

New launching vessel 2018. Fully meet international safety standards for passenger transport. The capacity of 70 passengers together with a team of 6 crews. Serve clients with professional, dedicated and thoughtful.
Tour is transported by new modern car team. Vehicles type:
– Thaco Univer 2017 2018 with 35 seats for 30 passengers.
– Huyndai County 2017 – 2018 with 29 seats to for 20 passengers.
– Ford Transit 2017 – 2018 (President) with 16 seats for 10 passengers
County Bus
Journey back from Halong to Hanoi by Highway Halong – Hai Phong – Hanoi. Shorten the travel time, ensuring the tour ends at 19.30 – 19.45. Help customers have more time for other activities when returning to Hanoi.
County Bus
– Limosine 16 seats – Limosine 19 seats (upon group size)
– Pick up time: 7h45 – 8h30 am and go with normal road with 4-hour drive/way. That means you have to get up early for breakfast and spend more useless time on the bus
County Bus
– Pick up time: 8h45 – 9h15 & go with the new express way with 2.5 hours. You have breakfast with a nice cup of coffee in peace & wait our Limousine bus to pick up.
County Bus